Is there too much pressure on teenagers to go to college?

Do you think studying is the most important thing in your life? If you think like that, then also do you think it is natural to have stress related going to college? In my opinion, I think it is not reasonable to have stress about that.

Here is a link that helps you to understand my words.

It is 5 stress factors for high school students.

After read this link, what did you think? In my case, I emphasized the 5 stress factors. Especially, concerns about college were my worst stressful things. When I was third grade in high school, I was pressed by my parents. They said, ” College is the easiest way to succeed. If you do not go to college, you cannot go to upper class. You will live like your parents.” It was very stressful thing for me. Also, my mom compared me with her friends’ children., saying, ” He went to good college, and he got a excellent job. He earned so much money.” Do you have experiences like my cases? If you do not have like these experiences, I will explain more details why going to college is so stressful for teenagers.

First, going to college can be a measure, comparing each other. Teenagers are compared by friends, or teachers. In case of teachers, they compare excellent students with the incompetent students accoding to their grades. They say to incompetent students, ” What would you do when you grow up? With your terrible grades, you cannot do anything.” Of course, it is a extreme case, but there are implicit discriminations between excellent students and incompetent students. In case of friends, they go about together according to their grades. It is limited to high competitive schools, but there are implicit competitions about grades between students whether it is high competitive schools or poor competitive schools.

Second, going to college is a kind of competition for parents. In national holidays, when relatives are  gathering together, they compare their children to compete or boast each other. It is very stressful to be compared their smart relatives. Considering these circumstances, children’s going to college can be parents’ pride. They boast their children to their neighbors or friends. If the children do not meet parents’ expectations, they scold their children, saying  “We invested you so much. We provided you with food, clothing, and place to live, even your expensive academies.”

Then, do you know why teenagers should go to college? In other words, do you know the reason why going to college is so important?

Here is a link related why going to college is so important.

Also here is a video for you about the reason why college is so important.


Mark Zuckerberg says the experience of the college life helped him to succeed. Also he think that college degree will help you in several ways. In my opinion, I agree with him. Good college can be a measure for finding the job, and it is helpful for making the good first impression. Even good college can increase self-esteem. However, is it reasonable to go to college because of other aspects, not the learning? Then is it reasonable to be stressful to go to college?

Watch this video. She says her difficulties at school.  I think these unreasonable stress is not good for teenagers. In my opinion, school should give students the ways how to relieve stress or how to control their mind. Just saying students, ” You should study.” like this, is not reasonable.

So, here is a link to relieve stress.

In summary, going to college is a extremely stressful thing for the teenagers. They are compared by friends, teachers, and their parents. Also, going to college is related to teenagers’  whole life. It will be stressful for the teenagers. So, school should educate students ways how to manage stress efficiently, and rightly. It will decrease students’ stress related to going to college.

Lastly, it is a part of response from the youtube about this topic.  Thank you for reading!!!



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