Youtuber Nick

Today, there are so many Youtubers. Through Youtubers, you can learn other cultures, or see beautiful scenes. You can interact them by writing a comment. I will introduce you one of them, Travel Youtuber Nick. Nick is from New Zealand, and he has a belief that vloggers have a responsibility to show the “real” world. He travels and releases his videos to his Youtube, Facebook, or blogs about the world that he travelled.

I will introduce you two videos that he released on youtube.





In this video, he says many things that you should have attention, and the several North Korea’s culture. I think the culture, he says in the videos, is surrealistic. If you take picture or move outside, you should be monitored by someone. If you take statue related to Kim il-sung and Kim jongil, you should take picture not to be partially framed; the leaders should be fully framed. It is very limited life.


The country also induces the anti-American sentiment. If you see this video 2:40~2:50, you can understand what it is. Then is it all the demerits? No. The North Koreans do not have their own cars mostly. Most of the cars are owned by company, government, or army. It is very terrible country, isn’t it? However, they have extremely clear subway. The subway is old-fashioned, but there are no scribbles in the subway station.





If you see this video, you can think like this. ‘Is it same country with South Korea?’ If you know South Korea, and you have a experience in South Korea, you can feel the huge gap between North Korea and South Korea. I think if I sort North Korea as ‘agricultural country’,  it is not awkward thing. They don’t have any high technology, and don’t have any remarkable things. Their road and their work conditions are terrible. Watch video 9:55~ 10:30. It is like the picture of 1980s or 1990s. What do you think about that? Do you agree with me? If you don’t agree with me, watch video 11:55~ 12:20. They live too much “traditionally”.

After watching these two videos, what do you think? In my opinion, living in North Korea is very terrible. I feel intense impressions. Before watching these videos, I think North Korea is same with South Korea in part. However, after watching these videos, I realized  that the North Koreans do not have free, and their living conditions are terrible. It is same life of 1980s. You can think differently with me, but I think it is not good. The North Koreans can think they are satisfied with North Korea. However, it is the case that experiences spoiled them. So, I recommend you this video if you want to know North Korea more than before or if you want to go to North Korea someday.

Lastly, here is a link that helps you to know about North Korea. It is different opinion about North Korea from me. It will help you to know more about North Korea.


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